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Who is Prof. Soheir Zaki Hawas?

Prof. Soheir Zaki Hawas is a professor of Architecture and Urban Design at Department of Architecture at Faculty of Engineering – Cairo university.

She was the secretary of the counsel of  Department of Architecture since the school year “1998-1999” and until the 2004-2005 school year  . Prof. Soheir is also the founder and Chair of the Research, Studies & Politics Department at the National Organization of Urban Harmony NOUH– Ministry of Culture Egypt. http://www.urbanharmony.org. Where she participated in forming the National Guidelines for NOUH since 2004. She was the consultant expert and coordinator of Ministry of housing and new communities for the national project of upgrading and preserving of architectural Identity of built environment  in greater Cairo region on three phases”2000:2003. Currently ,Prof. Soheir is also the head of training unit at the National Organization of Urban Harmony. Prof Soheir is a leading heritage researcher as she supervised about 65 PhD and master thesis. She is also the responsible of listing and documenting Valuable buildings in Cairo according to law 144, 2006. Prof Soheir has contributed as a key note speaker in several conferences as She was the Ministry of Culture representative in the UNISCO annual meeting at Rabat 2012, 2013 Her recent contribution was at the conference about “Heritage Conservation in the Middle East’ College of Design, Univ. of Dammam, 10 April 2014. In addition, she was leading supervisor for the EU Funded joint master program with university of Cottbus Germany, university of Alexandria, Egypt and Halab (Aleppo) University, Syria as she is responsible of the Module Conservation management.

Prof Soheir was a pioneer in documenting Cairo’s 19th Century architecture as she is the author of the Encyclopedia on: ‘Khedivial Cairo Identification and Documentation of Urban-Architecture in Downtown Cairo’2002 for which, she was awarded the “ best publishing” prize of El Ahram organization in 2003. In addition to, the award of Islamic cities organization. She is also an experienced researcher on managing the funds as she was the leading author of the book” Urban Conservation- Regeneration of Heritage Areas in Egypt  Aga Khan Darb Al-Ahmar Project Model” 2013 . Moreover, she has a number of applied funded projects such;  “Documenting and analyzing the heritage buildings affected by earthquakes 1992,” “Developing  engineering education EEDB”1998. “The impacts of  social, psychological and  health factors on housing settlements STDF 2002 “.In addition to Prof. Soheir 6 published books she also has more than 50 published papers in national and international journals. Prof Soheir is a member of many national and international organizations and committees , as she is a board member of the National Organization of Urban Harmony NOUH, a member of the relevant committee to prepare “a draft Arab Charter to preserve the architectural heritage in the Arab countries,” the Supreme Council of Antiquities. Moreover, She is member of the committee preparing the new building code being discussed by People’s Assembly in the chapter containing lows and regulations of  urban harmony.

دكتورة سهير زكي حواس

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